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NEWS… 29. November 2012 um 13:08 Uhr

November 2021


PLANET LOVE – NEW ERA E.P. Vinyl 12″ + Digital (BKSP001)

return_backspace is excited beyond measure to present to the world the music of a young marco repetto

conceived during the heydays of atari-sequencing, under his beloved moniker planet love, the bern-residing, italian producer at long last will disclose some of his earliest compositions

in nine tracks – spanning three extended plays – the headstrong repetto once again demonstrates ingenuity; amalgamating otherworldly soundwaves and advanced production technique into a one-off kind of seminal techno

new era e.p. makes the initial part in the triptych, and unfolds through its title track [ ’92 ]; an extraterrestrial soundscape heavily reverberating profound fascination for 1950s science fiction

flowers [ ‘90 ] is one of the earliest experiments conceived under the alias. the track is a well-balanced blend of measured psychedelic and grand lushness, with its dreamlike character making it supremely effective towards the end of a long night’s rave

bird song [ ‘92 ] is pure bliss, and might just contain one of the catchiest bass-lines known to mankind. topped off with luxuriant pads, stabs, samples, and bleep, repetto truly outdid himself on this one. romantic techno rarely gets more soulful

three decades after their initial recording to digital audio tape, the natural naivety within each of these productions still is extremely tactile; reminiscent of a time when electronic music was in its infancy


releases November 15, 2021

each track computer generated by marco repetto at axodya, bern, between autumns of ’90 & ’92 //
mastered & cut by matt colton at metropolis studios, london //
portrait by romana durisch, ’89 //
distributed by crevette, brussels //
P+C return_backspace 2021 //
returnbackspace.com //


Juli 2021



Avaiable as double CD, double Vinyl and digital

Bigeneric Helva Double CD Inzec Records 031

Bigeneric Helva Double Vinyl Inzec Records 031-V

Digital download:


Worldwide Distribution:


Bigeneric «Helva» Tracklist double CD:

CD 1: 1. Venera 4 07:40 2. Stampferli 05:07 3. Aeonale Erdweisheit 07:54 4. Entschleuniger
12:41 5. Helva 07:39 6. Luchs Herold 08:43 7. Lied Der Vier Winde 08:13 8. Yoort Nuba 10:31

CD 2: 1. Zwergenwelt 05:15 2. Haellstett 11:59 3. Lichtfee 04:52 4. Helisee 11:40 5. Nuyona
11:08 6. Sagenland 06:21 7. Adamant 06:00 8. Der Leuchtende Stern 14:59


Bigeneric «Helva» Tracklist double vinyl:

VINYL 1: A1. Helva 07:38 A2. Stampferli 05:07 A3. Venera 4 07:40
B1. Entschleuniger 12:40 B2. Luchs Herold 08:43

VINYL 2: C1. Der Leuchtende Stern 14:58 C2. Adamant 05:59
D1. Haellstett 11:57 D2. Nuyona 11:07


German: Im Herbst 2016 beginnt Marco Repetto Bigeneric nach einem schweren
gesundheitlichen Einbruch ganz aus der Stille heraus neue feine Klanggewebe zu spinnen, noch
nichtsahnend, Teil des sagenumwobenen Zaubernetzes der Feenkönigin Helva zu werden.
Inspiriert von einer Begegnung mit dem Sagenerzähler Andreas Sommer und der tiefgründigen
Sage um die im Gantrischgebiet lebende Feenkönigin Helva sowie einer weiteren zartfühligen
Botschaft des Universums, lässt Marco Repetto seine elektronischen ZauberKlangfäden weiter zu
der liebevollen und mystischen Komposition Helva verschmelzen.
Helva ist ein cineastisches Klangwerk mit langen, hypnotischmeditativen Klangverläufen und
feinfühligen Ambientsounds, das Einflüsse aus der elektronischen Avantgarde und dem
futuristischen Spektrum neuer elektronischer Musik vereint.
Dies ist der spirituelle Soundtrack der Heart Rebels Gang, die unaufhörlich starke, tiefgründige und
schöne Energie in die Welt sendet.

English: In the fall of 2016, having overcome serious health issues, Marco Repetto Bigeneric
begins to weave new delicate soundscapes from a place of stillness, unaware of his emerging role
in the fabled magic web of the fairy queen Helva.
Inspired by an encounter with the storyteller Andreas Sommer and the legend of Helva, the fairy
queen who lives on the Gantrisch mountain, and another gentle message from the universe, Marco
Repetto merges his electronic strands of magical sounds into a tender and mystical composition
he names Helva.
Helva is a cinematic work of sound with long, hypnotically mesmeric tonal progressions and subtle
ambient colors, combining influences from the electronic avantgarde and the futuristic spectrum of
contemporary electronic music.
This is the spiritual soundtrack of the Heart Rebels Gang who ceaselessly radiate into the world a
powerful and profound force of beauty.

Moto Music - Moto 017 Released 2020
A1 Edger
A2 Wyer
B1 Streamers Of Corona
B2 Protoplanet
C1 Es Tamer
C2 Eltax
D1 Awer
D2 Zodiacal Light






1957 – 2016 







Einladung_Musik_Filmpreis_2015 594


PRIX 594

Please buy & support our global family & create PEACE !

25 tracks by international electronic music artists.

One goal: to help refugees in the Middle-east and on their way to Europe. Out November 12, 2015.


Preorder now:






Alpenflage checks the pulse of the Swiss underground and reports back. This month with a very special feature on Marco Repetto of Grauzone.

In this episode we’re taking a close look at one of Switzerland’s most influential musicians, a man who has been at the forefront of forward thinking music in our country for more than three decades – Bern based producer Marco Repetto. He was among Switzerland’s punk rock pioneers in the late 70’s, landed a major new wave hit in the early eighties with his band Grauzone and their seminal anthem Eisbär and shortly after started experimenting with techno and all sorts of electronic music. Over the course of the last 30 plus years Marco Repetto has released countless records, including an album and two singles for Aphex Twins’ label Rephlex Records and he remains a mainstay in Switzerland’s underground to this day. Marco Repetto picked his favourite 15 tracks from his discography and is going to take us on a wild ride through more than 30 years of Swiss music history.




28.06.2014 Kiste Baden

Mastra & Marco Repetto live

Kiste Baden, Zürcherstrasse 1, CH – B5400 Baden



07.06.2014 Schatzalp Davos

Mastra & Marco Repetto live


26.04.2014  Zürich (private occasion more infos: info@inzec.ch)

Marco Repetto live


17.04.2014 Taxi Bar Bern

Benno Blome (Sender Rec., Senzen, Eramina), Berlin
Adriano Mirabile (Senzen, Stasis Recordings, Sirion Rec., Sinneswandel), Bern
Marco Repetto live (Inzec, Sinneswandel)

Taxi Bar- und Club, Speichergasse 13, CH-3011 Bern


28.02.2014 Kapitel Bern

Nachtfalter @ Kapitel Bern

DJ Paco

Marco Repetto live


Kapitel – Bollwerk 41 – CH 3011 Bern




27.02.2014 Club d`Essay @ Dampfzentrale Bern

   21:00 Foyer Club
   Bruno Spoerri, Franz Treichler, Marco Repetto
   Ein grosser Tisch, ein unendlicher Kabelsalat. Und dann ein Kollektiv von Elektronika-
   TüftlerInnen, die zusammen Musik aus dem Moment entstehen lassen.
   Das ist der Club d’Essai.
Dampfzentrale Marzilistrasse 47, CH – 3005 Bern





Podiumsdiskussion Berner Galerien Wochenende 2014

Kunsthalle Bern, 18.1.2014, 18.30

Das digitale Zeitalter in der Kunst

Marianne Burki, Leitung Visuelle Künste, Pro Helvetia diskutiert mit: Tom Blaess, Druckatelier/Galerie Bern, Philipp Gasser, Künstler Basel, Hélène Joye-Cagnard, Co-Direktorin Phototage Biel, Dr. Hansmartin Siegrist, Universität Basel und HGK Basel

Anschliessend Apéro und Klangkonzert von Marco Repetto Konzertbeginn ca. 20:00





January 2014……Marco Repetto is currently recording the next BIGENERIC album and more…

Last live performance in 2013:


28.12.2013 Dampzentrale Bern

Our friend and Bar-man «Housi» from the Foyer International Dampfzentrale Bern is on the move for new adventures. Let’s celebrate in memories of all the good parties & events we shared with him in that great location. Good luck H!

Featuring: Markus Kienzl live (Sofa Surfers Vienna), Marco Repetto live, Dj Alex (Inflagranti), Dj Diferenz (Dubquest), Dj Mastra, Visuals by Büro Destruct.
Dampfzentrale Bern,

28th December 2013 from 9PM.





09.11.2013 Kaleidoskop Electronic Music Festival

Marco Repetto live 22:00 – 02:00

Kiff Gesamtprogramm / Detail

KiFF – Kultur in der Futterfabrik
Tellistrasse 118
CH-5000 Aarau

ALPNESS – NEW RELEASE!! 27. Juni 2012 um 09:45 Uhr

New Inzec release – inzec 029  –  Bigeneric vs. Anderscht – Alpness

Releaseinfo / Media:

Release Info inzec_029 (pdf)
Alpness Medientext inzec 029 (pdf)

CD – Album + Download:

( iTunes, junodownload, Discogs…)





Radio DRS:

Berner Elektronik verzaubert Hackbrettklaenge



14.06.2012 Espace Tinguely FR 27. Dezember 2011 um 09:15 Uhr

Vernissage Franz Bruelhart

Marco Repetto live @ Espace Tinguely


Espace Jean Tinguely – Niki de Saint Phalle 1700 Fribourg / Suisse



10.03.2012 live @ Mystica 27. Dezember 2011 um 09:06 Uhr

Bigeneric-Marco Repetto live @ Mystica 2012


Start: 20:00


MYSTICA Eventhalle Erstfeld Breiteli 22/24


01.01.2012 Cabaret Zürich 27. Dezember 2011 um 09:00 Uhr

Hermetschloo@Cabaret Zürich

Marco Repetto extended liveact!

Start: 14:00

Club Cabaret Geroldstrasse 15 8005 Zürich